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Whatever the act, from Jazz, R&B, to Pop, Darryl Bey with Bluebird Productions always delivers a fabulous night of musical entertainment. With a wide variety of music choices, I am consistently impressed with the great performances I’ve been to in Fort Pierce, Florida. Seeing Zac Harmon, belting out his Mississippi blues at the Sunrise Theatre was just incredible. No matter what the location, theatre to outdoor setting, Darryl comes through with the coolest, talented performers you will experience in historic Downtown Fort Pierce.
Fort Pierce, Florida

The band was fantastic and a real highlight of the day. I only wish we could have had them there for longer! I heard so many wonderful compliments about the entertainment. And the anthem was spectacular and really touched the audience!

West Palm Beach, Florida

I would like to take this opportunity to not only praise Darryl Bey for all he does for this community, but to express my appreciation for the quality of musicianship he makes available to all who attend the incredible Jazz and Blues shows at the Black Box, Sunrise Theater. Its not often a small town is blessed with such creativity, energy and and just downright fun and, on a regular basis! I owe all this to my friend Darryl, without this foresight and sensitivity to fabulous music we would all be missing out, making Fort Pierce just another small town, but as it is, Fort Pierce is a jewel and in part because of people like Darryl Bey and BlueBird Productions.

Camille Fort Pierce, Florida 

Thank you for the fantastic opportunity you organized for the children of St. Lucie County. The master class must have been so much fun! I’m certain the kids learned things that they could only glean from working with professionals and peers a little farther ahead of them in their musical paths. Also, I will make sure that any unused instruments we have end up in the hands of younger musicians, whether through Lincoln Park Academy or your Bluebird Foundation. Thank you for the great reminder of how important – and easy – it is to give the gift of music and ensure the future of the arts. Your tireless work to that end is deeply appreciated, Darryl.

Valerie Dekle Slack St. Lucie County

As I think back over the years of my music career in Florida, I have fond and pleasant memories that emerge about Darryl Bey. Mr. Bey caught my attention at around year 1998, when out of frustration of the lack of musical performance opportunities in the county where I lived, I began to venture out to neighboring counties, and discovered the Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society. The Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society was founded in 1996 by Darryl Bey and a group of Jazz enthusiasts. The Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a greater awareness, and love for Jazz and Blues by exposing these great American art forms to the community at-large, and to the schools. The Jazz & Blues Society shares ideas with other Jazz and/or Blues-oriented groups locally, and around the nation to mutually assist in promoting the growth, appreciation, and perpetuation of Jazz.

During that time, I met and collaborated with many local Jazz musicians in the area. Very often, these musicians would talk about the influence of Darryl Bey. After meeting with Darryl Bey at FPJBS jam sessions, it was clear to me that Mr. Bey had a strong passion for the Jazz music genre and to the furtherance of its culture in the city of Fort Pierce. Soon thereafter, As President of FPJBS, Mr. Bey propelled its notoriety forward throughout St. Lucie County. As our friendship grew, Mr. Bey shepherded my musical performance growth through a series of musical performances in the Fort Pierce area. I was honored to perform with my quartet at the Old Fort Pierce City Hall, thanks to Mr. Bey’s effort and assistance. It should particularly be noted that Mr. Bey was highly diverse in hiring musicians and creating performance projects and venues. I once performed with my band on a farm in rural Port St. Lucie County Florida.  

When Mr. Bey, retired from FPJBS, he continued to create, develop and broadened his abilities to provide performance opportunities and venues for musicians, which in turn benefited the community at-large. Mr. Bey was instrumental in creating the first ever Jazz club in downtown Fort Pierce. Also, Mr. Bey developed a continuing performance platform at the Fort Pierce Marina for all musical genres, for the enjoyment of all residence of the community. I personally performed there many times with the Ossie Wright band. Through Mr. Bey, I have met and been introduced to many famous musicians and personalities during our continuing association.

During our personal and music business transactions, Mr. Bey was also detailed orientated and professional concerning expectation of presentation and performance objectives. You always knew what Mr. Bey expected from you. Later, Mr. Bey expanded his horizons by presenting concert performance at the Sunrise Theatre’s Black Box venue and importing nationally recognized performers and musicians from all over the U.S. Personally, I attended many of Mr. Bey’s concerts and the annual birthday parties at his home.

In summation, throughout my career as a jazz (flautist) artist, Mr. Darryl T. Bey was the easiest presenter to work with; through business management and social interaction that I ever experienced in the performance industry.
David Willis